Ebocs is a browser-based "Same-Game" clone. This was a weekend project I created to try out the then-new raphael.js library for manipulating SVG. The result was a fun, addicting game which worked well in most browsers.
A Raphael.js plugin for displaying a single value in a speedometer with customizable appearance. As all graphical elements are vector-based, SVG elements, the entire control can be scaled and recolored dynamically. An application of the plugin is a speedometer that measures finger speed across a typical-sized keyboard.
Orville the Elephant finds himself lost in the clouds and needs to learn how to fly! In this browser game, children learn aerodynamic basics using an interactive virtual wind tunnel, and 2D flight simulator. The entire game is implemented using SVG, Canvas and Javascript
Following the Orville project, Dev Gorur and I were commissioned to produce an educational game for Android tablets which focussed on STEM topics. The completed app was to be displayed on Acer Iconia tablets at the 2011 Naval STEM conference in Washington DC. OCM was the concept we developed which covered glider physics and ocean pollution. We had only two months with half-time funding, to go from scratch to delivery.
This is an Android/PC game I am currently working on which takes place in steampunk-styled outer space. Large and small ships duel with broadsides and other weaponry. A networked multiplayer mode allows players to play against other devices.