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Light Angle
Light Distance
Setting Name Default ValueDescription
plateColor "#555555" The color of the speedometer face
color1 "#ffffff" Number and minor tick mark colors
color2 "#ffdd33" Major tick mark and inner arc colors
needleColor "#ff6622" Color of the needle
needleHubColor "#333333" Color of the needle hub
lightAngle 45 Angle of the light on the speedometer in degrees
lightDistance 0.5 Distance of light from the center of the speedometer
startNumber 0 First number to display
endNumber 10 Last number to display
numNumbers 10 Number of numbers to display
startAngle -20 Angle in degrees to start the numbers
endAngle 200 Angle in degrees to stop the numbers
height 400 Height of the speedometer
width 400 Width of the speedometer
odometerText "MPH" Text to display under the odometer
rumbleMagnitude 1 Magnitude of the rumble effect
rumble false Is the rumble effect enabled?